Gina Cannone - Piano Instructor

Gina Cannone is a true renaissance woman; a pianist, writer, and artist. She received a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC. She owned her own art & design company, and was dubbed "Lady Leonardo" for her beautiful paintings. Along with her art career, she is an accomplished author. But her passion for the arts didn't stop there. She began taking piano lessons when she was very young, with her mother, who was an accomplished pianist and organist. She then continued her studies under Elizabeth Lane, a Juilliard trained instructor, where she learned to play all genres of music, from classical to pop. Gina taught piano and music theory for over 10 years in Staten Island, New York and held successful Performance Workshops and Songwriting Classes for students of all ages. She is an inspirational teacher that will coax the most timid students into seeing their full potential. Her patience is unwavering, and her passion for teaching is contagious. Her classroom is alive with positive energy each time she teaches. Gina offers two methods to her students: the traditional classical method, which focuses on the importance of technique, fingering, and rhythmic accuracy for all genres of music, and; a simplified method, which is based on chord progressions to allow students to play a repertoire of music in a short period of time. This simplified version is also a tried and true method for vocalists who want to learn to accompany themselves. Gina's approach with every student is the same: she wants them to have fun learning, enjoy the music, and have a positive experience that lasts a lifetime.