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Do you want to be a triple threat? Are you interested in brushing up your acting and choreography skills, while singing your favorite Broadway Show's Songs? Are you curious about what goes on behind the scenes of a theatrical production, and what it takes to assemble costumes for a full cast, or how a stage set is put together? If the answer is yes, then the Musical Theater Program at The Sound Garden in Freehold, NJ is the place for you. Sign up today for one of our exciting productions, there's always a place in our cast for you.

We offer theater classes for children, teens and adults alike in our Freehold, NJ Studio. Our passionate instructors will work with you to help you reach your full potential as a performer or stage crew member.

Trust us to help you put on a performance that yields a standing ovation every time!

Call 732-784-0824 now to sign up for one of our upcoming Musical Theater Programs in our Freehold, NJ Music Studio.

Workshops & Group Classes In Freehold, NJ

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Musical Theater Class

Musical Theater Class

Age 5-8

Our beginner musical theater ensemble program, provides performers between the ages of five and eight, with an introduction to musical theater. Performers will learn and perfect the basic skill set required to perform on stage, through various singing, dancing, and acting techniques. The program will conclude with a final performance for friends and family.

Musical Theater Class

Age 9-12

Our intermediate musical theater ensemble program, provides students between the ages of nine and twelve, the opportunity to further develop their already existing musical theater skill set. Students will learn how to accurately prepare for a musical theater production, using some of Broadway's best age-appropriate musical production pieces! This class helps young performers learn how to create a stage presence that will be used in featured solo performances. At the end of the program, we will provide students the opportunity to showcase these new found skills through two Musical Revues, open to friends and family.

Musical Theater Class

Age 13+

Our elite musical theater program provides middle school and high school students, age thirteen and older, the opportunity to perform in a formal, full-length musical theater production. Students will use the techniques that they have already mastered to not only sing, dance, and act a stage production, but to also learn how to properly audition for a production, use stage props, create set designs, and master costume and scene changes. The class will conclude with multiple performances for friends and family.‚Äč

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