Students will learn songs, choreography, and monologues, and be directed on how to audition for a musical theater production at their own school. They will use those techniques and apply them to the mini audition and casting process of the state production of "The Little Mermaid." All students will be given parts that include both solo and ensemble pieces. They will get to perform all of the songs and scenes from the musical. Scenes, props, and costumes will be provided. Each student will be encouraged to bring a lunch and a drink of their choice. Snacks and water will be provided daily.

Learn how to master your craft as a performer in this 3-week summer intensive, that results in a full production of the musical "RENT." Students will be provided with the tools required for the in-class audition, as well as blocking, choreography, and song interpretation. Production complete with costumes, props and scenery.

Get a condensed version of the Art of Stagecraft through a 'behind the scene experience' of the production of RENT this summer! Learn how to create and design set pieces and props, as well as managing the production from behind the scenes. How do you see in the dark?? ...register and find out!