We provide a variety of lessons for all your musical needs.

Private Lessons

We provide students of all levels of musical talent, unique instruction that will further develop their skill set as musicians. Our skilled teachers work with our students in private lessons to learn relevant, real-life techniques and music theory to create a polished and perfected, performance-ready musical repertoire. With our onsite performance space, our students will be prepared to perform on any stage.

Vocal Lessons

(Ages 5 to Adult)

We offer the seasoned performer, or the 'Living Room Karaoke Champion', the same expertise in vocal instruction. Strengthening vocal muscles, and developing healthy, strong singing skills is what our goal is for every student - no matter the level of experience. Rock, Pop, Broadway, Opera, Country, Jazz are all genres of music that inspire vocal performers daily. Let us help you find or hone your inspiration, and develop a repertoire that you will be proud to perform to any audience.

Piano Lessons

(Ages 5 to Adult)

In our private piano lessons, our teachers work with each student to individualize their program based on their needs and skill level, which allows the student to learn both the necessary technique and music theory required to perform some of the most beautiful musical compositions and still remain inspired. Our students will always feel performance-ready, whether on stage or in the comfort of their own home. As we offer beginner through advanced classes for students, we welcome you to enroll whether you're looking to perfect your inner Mozart or fulfill a self goal.

Guitar Lessons

(Ages 7 to Adult)

Our skilled instructors will provide each student with different artistic styles, and methods of technique, required to become the guitarist they've always dreamed of becoming. Learn how to re-create legendary riffs and melodies, as well as simplify barre chords and picking, through our private guitar lessons. From the novice to the expert musician, we have a teacher for you.

Drum Lessons

(Ages 7 to Adult)

Our seasoned drum instructors, all professional musicians in their own right, will provide you with the most up to the minute techniques, all based on the most respected music theory for the instrument. Whether you choose to play Rock and Roll music, Jazz music or just want some new techniques for the marching band - our instructors will get you playing like you're a pro.